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No70: Eye of Basir is a video game in the based on of horror, adventure and puzzle. Erhan and Aras, who spent their childhood with their grandmother, had been exposed to some paranormal events during the 10 years they were in the house. After the death of grandmother, the two brothers abandoned the house and so have different lives. After 20 years, Erhan has been a successful archaeologist and Aras has become a famous creative director. When Erhan wakes up one morning, he realizes something is changing im him house. While trying to figure out what it is, it suddenly disappears. Aras, who has not heard from Erhan for a long time, is on him way to find him brother, but he don't know anything about what he will encounter.

No70: Eye of Basir; It will be released on Steam on 06.28.2017. Supported platforms: Windows, HTC Vive

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